Best beer on the planet?

California Beer FestivalCongrats to our Brewmaster Jason Chavez for bringing home the “Best in Show“with our delicious Oatmeal Stout at the California Beer Festival in Aptos, CA!

There were over 70 craft brews on tap, three live bands including an electrifying 14 piece tribute to Michael Jackson with “Foreverland”, mouth watering food and bocce ball. CBF is the event of the year for any beer enthusiast!

We hope to see you there next year! For more info, visit the California Beer Festival website.

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Ismael Update!

Hello dear Friends of Ismael,

It’s been almost three months since Ismael suddenly lost his vision. In looking back at our prior updates, many things have changed substantially (for the better!) – two things that haven’t changed are Ismael’s incredible attitude towards this whole experience and the fact that the doctors still do not know what caused this. They know it was NOT trauma, congenital, genetic, virus, bacteria, parasite, infection, etc…Ismael is a mystery! I asked the lens specialist today if he’d ever seen this before and he said a couple times, and both times it never happened again to those patients – good to hear.

Since our last writing, Ismael has been to multiple eye doctors: retinal specialists, pediatric opthamologists, oculists and today he saw a lens specialist. He sees one specialist for his left eye (operated eye) and one specialist for his right eye (non-operated eye that still has blood) and everyone loves him. He is an incredible patient – very cooperative and sweet (everyone wants to take him home with them).

Over the last month, Ismael has been regaining his vision little by little. It has been a slow process but steady progress has been made. Two weeks ago he got special glasses to act in place of a lens in his left eye (where they had to remove the damaged lens during surgery). The lens on the glasses is extremely thick and they said it may cause headaches, dizziness and malaise – but Ismael has worn those glasses without complaint every day, has adjusted well – and is actually able to see fairly well with them. This is incredible (a miracle?), given that that eye was 100% “gone” before the surgery. The lens specialist today said that he recommends NOT replacing the lens with a permanent lens implant, maybe ever, for a couple of reasons – instead he recommended a special contact lens that he would only have to change once a week – so that will be the next step for Ismael’s left eye – he will again need to adjust to the contact lens and they will adjust the strength, etc. each time he goes in for a check-up.

The RIGHT eye (non-operated eye) has improved dramatically spontaneously and Ismael is able to see pretty well! Apparently the blood has been subsiding little by little over the last 3 months and the doctor would like to wait another month to see if surgery is necessary – at this point he feels like it probably ISN’T necessary. This is really great news! In general, Ismael is happy, though he has certainly gone through ups and downs. He loves having visits from friends and family so keep it up! He is still receiving one hour of homeschooling per day, which he loves, with Lori Kearney. Mr. Jones has come to his house a couple times to play the banjo and so has Laurie the music teacher from Main Street. We hope that he’ll be able to join his class periodically over the next few final weeks of school.

Sooooo, I think all of your good wishes, thoughts and prayers have really helped the Gomez family get through this. It’s still going to be a journey, though the future is bright (literally) for Iso.

Thank you to all of you for your kindness, love and generosity. This community has truly rallied and people continue to be so generous to this beautiful family – it has been amazing and inspiring to see.

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Thank You! (Ismael Update!)

The Main Street Community and the Santa Cruz community (and beyond!) has truly rallied to help the Gomez family. Ismael has regained partial sight (which is HUGE after having no sight) since that day two months ago when he suddenly went blind. He will be getting special glasses soon that should help him to see with his left eye (which was operated on). He will have another surgery soon on his right eye to remove the blood that is still present. Apparently he can see through his right eye with periodic clarity but the blood sometimes “floats” in front resulting in limited vision. His spirits are good though and we are all optimistic that he will be able to see well again.

A HUGE thank you to Brian and Kevin Yogurtland (and all of you who went) – they made and donated 100% of their sales (over $1500 in 2 hours!). Thank you also to Kris Holden for organizing the event and getting the word out.

Another huge thank you to Jamie (Dustin Valdes Rankin’s Mom) for organizing the three Mondays at IHOP on 41st. This was very kind and some of us had yummy breakfasts there!

Three Adventure Guides groups (Great Whites, Mountain Lions and Steelheads) got together and decided to help the Gomez family with an extremely generous donation (including Joe Gianneli, Dieter Rothmeier, Brett Graessle and sons and many more) – THANK YOU!

The Zumba-thon was a huge hit too and tremendously successful! Thank you to Cory Montanez for spreading the word and to Adrienne and Wind for donating their time.

Cents for Sight – Thank you to all of the teachers who have encouraged their kids to donate their spare change to Ismael. Thank you to Laura Wickman for collecting it and donating it! Amazingly that change adds up!

These are just examples of the kindness that has resulted from this extremely challenging experience for an incredible little boy – thank you to ALL OF YOU for your positive thoughts, prayers and to those who have sent in checks/cash donations and cards and meals for the Gomez family. They truly feel loved (and they deserve it!).

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We got tickets to Boonville!

Date: Saturday May 12, 2012 (rain or shine)

Advanced Tickets now on Sale until May 10th!

See your friendly bartender for more details

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Good News for Ishmael!

It’s been 2 weeks since his surgery and last week and Ishmael Gomez has began to have moments of clarity in his left eye which was operated on – even though they took his lens out! The specialist on Friday said this is very RARE that someone can see without a lens. Since then he can see with that eye more and more. This week he’ll be getting some special glasses to help him focus, which may take about 2 months, but little by little he is regaining his sight! The doctors aren’t sure if they are going to replace his lens quite yet – it depends if he is still growing or not – if his eye is fully grown then they will replace it, if not they might wait up to 2 years to replace it. They still have not addressed the right eye – but one step at a time. He has several appointments coming up so we’ll know more soon!

The Gomez family went for a walk around their neighborhood with Ismael, this was his first walk in 6 weeks, and Ishmael pointed out birds, flowers, etc. while they walked. He saw his face for the first time last week in the mirror and noted his red eye, but then his vision faded again. Luckily now it seems like it’s going to hang on. Let’s hang in there with him!

The Gomez family is facing a real hardship through loss of income, gas, etc. Donations of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Please donate today!
All donations are tax-deductible (Tax ID# 45-4641473)

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Fundraiser for the Gomez Family

Many of you know our bus guy Joel, who has been with us since we opened over 20 years ago. His 7 year-old son, Ismael, mysteriously went blind a couple of weeks ago. It’s a medical mystery that the doctors are still puzzled with. He is currently being treated at The Lucille Packard Children’s Center at Stanford Medical Center.

The Gomez family is facing a real hardship through loss of income, gas, etc. Donations of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Please donate today!
All donations are tax-deductible (Tax ID# 45-4641473)

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There are plenty of options at Seabright Brewery besides award-winning beers …

Check out this delightful review from Karen Petersen @ the Goodtimes:


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Another reason we love football …

Carlos Becerra enjoys an early success for the 49ers against the Saints. But not every fan at the Seabright Brewery shared his glee. © BILL LOVEJOY/SENTINEL

Seabright’s own Carlos Becerra, made the front page of the Sentinel a few weeks ago. Sadly the 49ers didn’t make it to the super bowl this year, but they had one helluva season!

To read the full article by JESSICA M. PASKO, go here:

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Best of …

Our Ring of Fire Burger made the “Best of 2010″ for the Bay Area and Silicon Valley food blog, Blame in on the Food. We’re honored and can’t wait to find out what/where these folks eat next.

Click here to read the whole article:

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The Science of Making Wine, Beer, and Alcohol Through Fermentation

It’s science!

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